**A Hopeful Smile**
What is this page for?
What is this page for? It's for the heart, mind, and soul. Like a daily dose of medicine for a physical sickness, our inner-self too needs the pain releived and eventually eliminated. Some people need many doses, some only one and the pain is gone.
With this I hope to see others eyes shine in a small way at least. I hope to see others walk away with a smile inside or out. It is the best of all feelings to see that just one person can say, do, or share something to make anothers life even a small fraction better than it was.
Like a large rock many people are put someplace, and don't think they can move. All it takes is a little work, and anything is possible. The large rock? dig a whole beneath it and the rock will do the rest! Falling is not always bad, in order to see the low spots you must first have a high spot to compare it too. Meaning: when you think you're having a bad day............look at the good, be happy that it was there and try to make the bad into the good as best as possible!

So please read the following stories and try to understand the meaning witnin them as well.

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